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Lake Repair Update

As of November, 2022, recent lake repairs are now complete.

Water was discovered running under lake access road in the summer of 2022. Main Line Excavating began exploratory digging on 11/21/22. A large crevice was found, and digging continued to a depth of approx. 20ft. Final excavation sight hole measured 20ft deep by 15ft wide by 30ft long. Inlet water from the lake came into final sight hole at the rate of approximately 30-40 gallons per minute, which totals 1800-2400 gallons per hour!

The sight hole was left open overnight, water continued to come into the excavated hole, but the hole did not fill back up with inbound water (so it was exiting). Digging continued until excavation was BELOW the crevice (picture with arrows marking the black spot of out flowing water), then the water only filled the hole until it met the bottom of the crevice.

To give all of you an idea of how much that amount of water is; at the current rate of 30-40 gallons per minute LOST, that would fill an Olympic swimming pool every 11.5 days, and would fill 32 Olympic swimming pools per year! The first dig near the Paul Jeys location estimated filling an Olympic sized swimming pool every 4hrs, 16mins. We have made MUCH progress in this battle, and feel we have a great way to attack it. 500 TONS of Red Clay was excavated behind the current dumpsters and taken to the hole where it was compacted just above the high water mark.

Some of the smaller rubble from the excavation was placed along and in the road between dumpsters and spillway to promote proper draining. One load of 3/4” base stone was placed over the rubble. All remaining large rubble and tree debris was used to create natural fish habitat as well as armor for the lake bank at the repair site. Work was completed on 11/29/22. We are marking the water level at the culvert under the county road at the bottom of the hill on 113th Ave below Gate 1 entrance. It has decreased by 2 inches (good sign).

This repair method has resulted in approximately a 75% reduction in water loss since it was first attempted in 2010. It is likely that more unknown leaks will appear in the coming years, just as this one did. Total cost of the project came in at $17,344.33.

ALL expenses related to this project will be paid for by Friends of Leisure Lake (501c3) through donations by the Kirchoff family, and nothing from our LLPOA funds! This will keep monies in our LLPOA Lake Fund for other projects we are working on. The Lake Committee takes these projects seriously, and we hope you appreciate the information and research that goes into “keeping” our lake as healthy and bountiful as it can be.

Respectfully submitted,

YOUR LLPOA Lake Committee


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